Grooming Standards

Please understand that as a Sanjac Security Officer are expected to dress and groom yourself in accordance with accepted social, professional and business standards, particularly if your job involves dealing with clients, customers or visitors in person.


Personal Grooming standards:

Female Employees:

On-duty uniformed female employees shall arrange their hair so that it does not extend below the bottom edge of the collar. Hair shall be arranged so as not to interfere with vision in any way. Hair shall not be left hanging down in a ponytail hairstyle, for safety reasons.

Male employees:

On-duty uniformed male employees shall keep their hair properly trimmed. The hair shall be at least moderately tapered, shall not extend below the top of the shirt collar nor. Cover any portion of the ear, and shall not interfere with vision in any way.

Sideburns: Sideburns shall not exceed beyond a point even with the bottom of the ear lobe and shall extend in a clean-shaven, horizontal line. The flare (terminal portion of the sideburn) shall not exceed the width of the major portion of the sideburn by more than one fourth of the unflared width. The sideburn shall be trimmed and neat in appearance

Mustaches: A short and neatly trimmed mustache of natural color may be worn. Mustaches shall not exceed below the vermilion border of the upper lip or the corners of the mouth and may not extend to the side more than one-half inch beyond the corners of the mouth.

Beards: Employees shall be clean-shaven when reporting for duty. A growth of whiskers shall be permitted for medical reasons with documentation from a medical doctor stating the specific medical reason. Sanjac Security reserves the right to assign officers to duties requiring the least possible exposure.

Fingernails: Officers’ fingernails shall not exceed more than one-half inch from the tip of the finger or interfere in any way in the performance of assigned duties.

Ornamentation: On duty uniformed officers shall not wear any unauthorized ornamentation such as large conspicuous rings or necklaces. Conservative jewelry is generally approved. A wedding or engagement ring is appropriate, not a ring on every finger or thumb. No “body piercing” through the nose, tongue, eye brows, nor any visible area not concealed by a regulation uniform may be worn while on duty. Male officers are prohibited from wearing earrings while on duty.

Employment Uniform standards:

All security officers shall possess at all times a serviceable uniform and the necessary equipment to perform uniform duty. Sanjac officers assigned to duty wherein a special uniform is required shall also possess the uniform required by their special assignment. All uniforms and equipment referred to in this bulletin shall meet the specifications outlined as follows:

A neat, tasteful appearance contributes to the positive impression you make on our clients. You are expected to be suitably attired (complete uniform} and groomed during working hours or when representing Sanjac Security. A good, clean appearance bolsters your own poise and self-confidence and greatly enhances our company image. When working at a customer’s site, please dress appropriately according to their corporate culture, i.e. complete uniform. 

 All uniforms and equipment shall be maintained in a clean, serviceable condition and shall be ready at all times for immediate use.

Shoes: Uniform shoes will be black in color and they will be kept polished. Low top shoes require black socks.

Personal appearance should be a matter of concern for each employee. If your supervisor or designated company representative feel your attire and/or grooming is out of place, you may be asked to leave your workplace until you are properly attired and/or groomed. Employees who violate dress code standards may be subject to

Appropriate disciplinary action:

Sanjac Security reserves the right to start at any disciplinary step, repeat a disciplinary step or proceed to immediate termination.